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Amy Scully

Amy ScullyNoon Flow Yoga Teacher

Amy has studied and practiced yoga and meditation since 2000 and brings to her teaching a deep commitment to alignment and integration as the foundation from which the grace of yoga is experienced. Her classes are a synthesis of mindfulness and yoga posture, breath, gaze and inner focus that explore the dynamic play of opposites – effort and ease, strength and flexibility, mobility and stability, engagement and detachment.

Working holistically with the body and mind, Amy’s classes cultivate practices that awaken self-awareness, sensitivity, patience, clarity and compassion. Through exploring on the mat how the snags of our past can live in our bodies our regular practice re-patterns old mental, emotional and physical constructs and supports living from a place of balance, ease and deep presence.

Amy is a Marriage and Family Therapist resident in private practice in Decatur where she lives with her husband of 30 years, Jim, and their three children.