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Ana Maria Lagasca

Ana Maria LagascaMindfulness Meditation Teacher and Wellness Coach

Ana Maria will be gone through the summer, 2019.

Ana Maria is a Mindfulness Facilitator, Certified Yoga Teacher & Wellness Coach. In 2016 she completed her UCLA Certification in Mindfulness Facilitation at the Mindful Awareness Research Center, accredited by the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior.

Ana Maria has been teaching yoga since 2001 in Los Angeles and internationally. Holistic & natural medicines, meditation, exercise, healthy eating & obtaining overall well-being has been a big part of her continuous practice & education. She is here to help support your growth & well-being!

Ana Maria also holds a B.A. in Liberal Arts/Studies & Theatre from Florida International University and has acted in film & television. For more information about Ana Maria visit MindfulWellnessGuide.com

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