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Aruna Padmanabhan

ArunaFeldenkrais Method Teacher

Aruna Padmanabhan is from New Delhi, India where she did her Masters in French Literature. While in India, she worked as a tour guide and she continues to write and publish articles about travel.

Aruna is drawn to the Feldenkrais Method as a way of finding more efficient ways of moving and for widening the range of different movements available to us.

Often, we make even the smallest of tasks hard on ourselves. Awareness Through Movement lessons from this method give us a chance to take away all the unnecessary work we attach to everything we do. (By exploring movement - ease in life)

Through her lessons, Aruna has helped many students regain ease in their activities, whether it be sitting in front of a computer or going for a run.

Aruna, a guild certified Feldenkrais teacher, lives with her family in Decatur, GA.

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