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Chris Manella PT*, LMT* , FST*

Chris ManellaClinic/Sports Massage - License MT000106 & PT004361
Therapeutic Stretch
and Private Pilates Teacher

Chris has been active in healthcare for over 30 years.  Chris earned her Physical Therapy degree in 1991 from the University of Connecticut, completed her Massage training in 1999 & Hands on Seminars Mastery Certification in Manual Therapy in 2010.  Chris is also a certified Fascial Stretch Therapist™ & is certified in Pilates through Balanced Body.  

Chris has worked with a wide variety of clients with orthopedic & neurological conditions of all ages, injuries and abilities throughout her career. Chris has also contributed to research in both physical and massage therapy. Chris currently blends her knowledge to create unique treatment sessions tailored to individuals needs from injury rehab and prevention to pregnancy massage and relaxation. 

Chris is currently available Wednesday mornings and alternating Saturdays.

* Wondering what those letters stand for?