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Cleopatra Hassan

Cleopatra HassanReflexology

Cleopatra is a graduate of the Healing Arts and Learning Center where she obtained her Certification in Foot Reflexology. With extensive practicum throughout the coursework, Cleopatra's skills have been developed and refined as taught by Teacher and Reflexologist, Roz Zollinger. Also a Certified Life Coach through the Life Coaching Institute of Orange County, Cleopatra has a passion for helping people improve their lives.

Using the Zollinger BodySystems Method ™, Cleopatra can target specific problem areas to maximize the benefits of Reflexology, through strategic compression of reflex areas on the feet which connect to various parts of the body. These benefits include but are not limited to the relief of: stress and tension, pain in the neck, back, joints and muscles, depression, circulatory and respiratory problems.

While Reflexology is not a replacement for traditional medicine, it is a great complement to enhancing your overall health and healing potential both physically and mentally.

Appointments are available Mondays-Thursdays. Online booking is available 2-30 days in advance. For other times, please call us at 404-378-6288.

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"And my hands insisted,
'We want to heal!'
So I let them..."