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Eleanor Hand

Eleanor HandPolarity Therapy and Tai Chi for Arthritis Teacher

Eleanor Hand is certified by Dr. Lam and the Arthritis Foundation to teach Part I and Part II of Tai Chi for Arthritis. Eleanor is a Board Certified Polarity Therapist and a Reiki II practitioner, who has studied the movement and balancing of energy within the body for many years.

Eleanor has been challenged by having different forms of arthritis since she was a child. She has found many ways to heal and lead a vibrant and active life and is passionate about sharing what she has learned. She dances, walks, and practices yoga twice a week. Eleanor has found, to her surprise, that Tai Chi for Arthritis offers additional flexibility and fluidity to rigid joints and has decreased the falls that often damage her joints.

Some years ago, after working with a Polarity Therapist for six months she recovered completely from a sudden onset of debilitating arthritis. Thus inspired, Eleanor received the Associate Polarity Practitioner Certification from the Atlanta School of Polarity and the Registered Polarity Practitioner Certification from the Ohio Institute of Energetic Studies. She has also studied esoteric practices of breathing, visualization, and the focusing of attention. She incorporates these practices in her Polarity Therapy sessions.

A graduate of Emory University in with MEd. in Allied Health, Eleanor brings years of energy work in a variety of contexts to her Polarity Therapy practice. The goal is to restore the natural flows, which energize and support the major systems of the human body. Her intention is to lead her clients towards health and well-being.