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Juanita Fuller, MPH*, LMT*, CIMI*

Juanita FullerMassage - License #MT007239

Juanita received her masters in Public Health and a Gerontology Certification from the College of Health in Florida. She has been practicing massage for over twenty years.

Her thirst for knowledge has driven her to study and earn certification in many different techniques. Most recently, Juanita completed 135 hours of study at Academy of Lymphatic Studies (ACOLS)—the leading school in the U.S. She received her full certification in November 2016 as a Lymphedema Therapist (CLT), which includes the application of basic and advanced techniques of MLD (Manual Lymph Drainage).

As a Board Certified Massage Therapist with a certification in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Juanita specializes in reducing the tight, heavy feeling that comes with swelling after plastic surgery procedures like facelifts and tummy tucks. She holds certificates in Pre & Perinatal, Thai, Orthopedic (lower body), Reflexology, Hot Stone, Neuromuscular, TMJ, Deep Tissue, Cranial Sacral, Myofascial Release, and Muscle Release.

Juanita tailors each massage according to the specific needs of the individual. A Postural Analysis is often used to educate and aid in restoring the body back to its normal anatomical position.

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