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Paige Buckler

Paige Buckler Life Coaching

In 2010, Paige began transforming her life by taking responsibility for the energy she put out into the world. She had a deep desire for change and recognized wanting more joy, love and a greater purpose. Paige left a lucrative sales career and created Healthy Self LLC. Healthy Self also spells “Heal Thy Self” because self-knowledge, awareness, and healing will lead you to your empowered and authentic self.

Self-healing doesn’t mean you’re in this alone. Along Paige's healing journey, she worked with various wellness professionals, including a life coach, chiropractor, and medical intuitive/shaman, all of whom helped her walk her true path in life and inspired her to begin two years of study to become a certified life coach. Paige completed Usui Reiki Level I & II with Brad Dixon of Wellspring Reiki in 2011. Then, she completed her Life Coach Certification with Quantum Success Coaching Academy through the International Coaching Federation in September of 2013.

Through working with various healers and her own self-study, Paige learned how to make choices from a place of growth and love instead doubt and fear. These more aligned choices allowed her to take control of her life and health in profound ways. Happiness, like love, increases with practice and positive attention. As a certified life coach, Paige is committed to teaching you the tools for happiness and meaningful success. You know what is best for you. Let her show you how to feel empowered and confident in making the choices that create your life.

Learn more about Paige and her services on her website for Healthy Self, LLC. Online booking is available 2-14 days in advance. For other times, please call us at 404-378-6288.

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