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Tenzin Lama Sherpa

Master Reiki Healer and Global visiting Master Teacher of Buddhist Principles

Master Reiki Healer and Global visiting Master Teacher of Buddhist Principles

Tenzin teaches Buddhist Meditation, Buddhist philosophy, and Usui Reiki to groups and individuals throughout the world. He also offers Reiki healing to individuals. Many attest to the fact that their health improved considerably after just one healing session with this Master healer.

Tenzin Lama is from one of the most ancient lineages, Nyingmapa, the lineage of H H Penorf Rimpoche.  He has been teaching and healing in Nepalese communities throughout the United States for about six years.  His itinerary has taken him to Maryland, Washington DC, Texas, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Idaho, and Oklahoma. After returning to San Francisco from his last visit here in Georgia, he has mostly been serving the Nepalese community there.  Cumming, Georgia is one of the few places he visits where his audience is mostly American.   

Tenzin Lama was born in Katmandu’, Nepal in 1979.  When he was only 13 years old, he became a Tibetan Buddhist monk studying in Nimdrolling Monastery in Mysore, India. There were 4,000 monks and 800 nuns in this monastery. Throughout his monastic life, Tenzin received endless philosophical teachings, transmissions and initiations from great lamas.  When he progressed to an accomplished level at the monastery, he started giving teachings and he took care of the monks who were sick.  When, for the first time, he saw so many people sick in the hospital, he immediately wanted to become a doctor; but it was impossible to be a monk and a doctor at the same time.

One day Tenzin was outdoors exercising and fell on a pointed stick that was planted in the ground. His eye made contact with the sharpened point, and he could no longer see with that eye. His uncle convinced him to go see an acquaintance who was a reiki healer.  After only 3 days of taking classes from this healer, his eyesight was restored. After only 21 days of practice Tenzin Lama started giving Reiki healing sessions in the healing center. Eventually, Tenzin Lama started working at clinics outside of the monastery. He was earning such a good reputation as a healer that a doctor even came to him for a reiki session. 

In 2005, Tenzin Lama Sherpa’s teacher received an invitation from a Chilean doctor to come to  Chile to help him. Lama Ngawang asked Tenzin to be his assistant to help with the work in Buddhist centers, reiki healing centers, universities, and clinics in different parts of the country.  Tenzin learned from and exchanged knowledge with Reiki Masters and psychologists while in Chile.  In a ten year span, he gave reiki to more than 5,500 people and taught reiki to more than 450 students. According to Tenzin Lama, Reiki is a scientific healing method that has no side effects.  Any person can learn reiki for either self-healing or for healing others.  This healing practice promotes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual growth. Love and compassion are the foundation of any form of reiki. 

Tenzin Talks About Reiki Healing: "“Energy is everywhere; it is a part of everything at an atomic level...As a Reiki Master, I detoxify the body by taking away negative energy from the body, mind and spirit, and replacing it with positive energy.  With a peaceful mind, if I detect a specific area that needs healing, I direct reiki energy to the problem area...Everything in the body is connected; the heart, the colon, the brain, etc.  From the tip of the hair to the tip of the toes everything is affected by the negative or positive energy we take in and release."

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