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UPDATE for COVID-19: Following safety protocols, in-person appointments are now available. Visit our Before You Visit Page for full details. Classes will be still held online through the Zoom app or outdoors. Visit our Class Schedule to sign up.


AikidoAikido is the martial art of non-violence, based on harmonizing with an attacker’s energy rather than opposing it. Your practice in class will improve your presence and aliveness under pressure, preparing you to perform better in the face of life’s stresses. You will learn first of all to train safely, to fall and roll with ease, and you will develop your strength, endurance, flexibility, and agility. The atmosphere is friendly and cooperative, but you will find the training to be demanding as well. Beginners and advanced students practice together from Day 1.

For your first few classes you may wear any clothing that is comfortable for movement and stretching. Uniforms are available for purchase at any time. We train barefoot, and there are changing rooms available.

Sensei Joel Riggs, sandan, founded Aikido Decatur in 2009, and is pleased to join Decatur Healing Arts. For more details about the class feel free to contact him at joel@AikidoDecatur.com, (678) 662-9237, or visit www.AikidoDecatur.com.

Join Joel on the mat Wednesdays from 7-8:30 PM and Saturdays from 9:30-11 AM.

Visit the DHA class schedule to sign up or contact Decatur Healing arts at (404) 378-6288.

Aikido Decatur is a member of the California Aikido Association.

Note: This class is for vaccinated students only.