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UPDATE: Until further notice, in-person appointments are suspended. Classes will be held online through the Zoom app. Registration through our website or the MindBody App is required. Visit our Class Schedule to sign up.

Miscellaneous Classes

Hapkido Self Defense

Hapkido ClassHapkido Self Defense was designed as an easy way to offer pragmatic self-defense lessons to both inexperienced and experienced students. It is based on Hapkido, a Korean martial art. Hapkido as a style is a mix of hard and soft techniques and focuses on joint locks and body awareness. It’s currently the second most popular Korean martial art after taekwondo.

The class is meant to build your confidence, body awareness and overall fitness.

This self-defense based class does not require rank progression or uniforms. Loose clothes are recommended.

If you're interested in joining this class, please contact Dr. Parlavantzas directely at 404-270-1011.


Gentle Stretch

Feeling stiff??? Try this—One hour of gentle stretching for anyone, any age any condition. This class contains gentle movement, restorative stretching & breathwork. It is excellent for improving flexibility, balance and strength. Easy for all levels and gentle enough for those with injuries. Taught by Carissa Kubitz.