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Meditating in Lotus Pose

Meditation is the process of finding and listening to the deep stillness within ourselves. We learn to allow the chattering mind to drift by without attachment and to rest from our worries and concerns, if even for ten minutes, and remain in peaceful stillness. That reconnection with the stillness within, nurtures the body, the mind and the spirit. If you already have a meditation practice you know what we're talking about. If you don’t have a practice, there is no time like the present to establish yours!

Class Descriptions

Twin Hearts Meditation and Pranic Healing Clinic - Meditation on Twin Hearts is a short guided meditation blessing the earth with loving kindness, peace and good will. In return, we reap the amazing benefits of inner harmony. It is easy to follow, has healing effects, reduces stress and improves relationships.

Pranic Healing® is a form of energy healing that helps balance the body to increase healing and peace. Pranic Healing® requires no physical contact.

Donations accepted. For more information, please email Judy Yi or visit AtlPranicHealing.com.

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