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Mindfulness Meditation

Yin YangMindfulness Meditation is a western form of meditation derived from a Buddhist practice called Vipassana or Insight Meditation, which has been around for thousands of years. It is a research-based form of meditation designed to develop the skill of mindfulness. Mindfulness is being aware of our inner and outer thoughts and experiences with open-hearted acceptance, patience, and compassion.

What happens in a Mindfulness Meditation Session?

A personalized Mindfulness Meditation session is catered to your needs. With your teacher, you will learn to see things more clearly, implement new ways of being in the world, stay open and curious, and live your best life.

During your sessions, your teacher
will provide you with mindfulness strategies that have been shown to integrate well into daily activities and promote a sense peacefulness and calm when practiced regularly.

Your teacher will teach you the basics, hold you accountable for your practice and offer guidance and support when you encounter difficulties. Through breath control and mindfulness techniques used over time you are able to increase your sense of self-awareness, self-compassion and self-acceptance. The goal is to help you build resources within yourself to minimize feelings of thought overload and meet each day with a tender, wise awareness.

How can Mindfulness Meditation help you?

Due to extensive research supporting the effectiveness of Mindfulness Meditation, programs are being conducted in healthcare facilities, schools, corporate wellness programs, and other settings all across the United States and the world. 

In addition to significant stress reduction, some of the proven benefits of Mindfulness Meditation include:

Mindfulness Meditation can actually change the structure of our brains; increasing cortical thickness in the hippocampus which governs learning, memory & paying attention.

Mindfulness Teacher: Lillian Morgan-Lewis
Mindfulness & Wellness Teacher:Ana Maria Lagasca (Learn more about Ana Maria and her services at www.MindfulWellnessGuide.com.)

Online booking is available 2-14 days in advance. For other times, please call us at 404-378-6288.

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Mindfulness Meditation 60 min: $85 / 3x60min package: $225* / 6x60min $420*
Qi Gong energy exercises may be included as part of your session to facilitate and deepen your awareness of your own energy as it relates to the meditation experience. Beginners and intermediate levels welcome. Taught by Lillian Morgan-Lewis.

Mindfulness & Wellness 75 min: $125 / 3x75min package: $360* / 6x75min package: $690*
Yoga may be included as part of your session. Your teacher can also provide knowledge about nutrition, fitness, alternative and herbal medicines and establish a regime that works best for you. All levels welcome. Taught by Ana Maria Lagasca.

Mindfulness & Wellness Group sessions - 120 min: $375
Bring your group of colleagues, family, & friends to enjoy this experience and learn practices that can benefit you in so many ways. There is strength in numbers and practicing Mindfulness in community is an extraordinary way to get closer to others and cultivate deeper understanding, compassion, interconnectedness & love. Taught by Ana Maria Lagasca.
Groups of up to 10 people welcome. Contact Ana Maria directly for more information and to personalize your Group session.

*3-packs are good for 3 months from date of purchase and 6-packs are good for 6 months.