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Holistic Skin Care

Yin YangYour skin is the resilient living fabric that envelops your entire self, reflecting your internal health. Although the many roles it plays are rarely appreciated, it is one of the most remarkable and highly versatile parts of the human body. As the first line of defense, it serves the body’s primary immunological network that guards you from external invasion. It only makes good sense to safeguard your skin!

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"I had a facial with Marlene. I have had a few (not many) in my lifetime. She is fabulous, products also fabulous." ~Terri

Facial Treatments:

Six Step Hydrating Facial with Specialized Skin Concern Serum: $80/60 min.
Get started with the basics: skin analysis, cleanse, mineral mist, exfoliation, mask, head & shoulder massage, replenishment. Recommended treatments will be based on your specific skin type & concerns. Included in our Therapy and Premium Memberships!

Seasonal Facial: $100/90 min.
Our skin changes with the rhythms of the season, so with each new season, receive a treatment specifically formulated to keep your complexion beautiful all year long.

Enzyme & Plant-Based Double Exfoliating Peels: $90/90 min.
Enzymatic botanicals and antioxidants slough off superficial epidermal cells, boost cellular turnover and relieve pore congestion to expose soft, dewy-fresh tissue.

Anti-Aging Treatments:

Gua Sha Meridian Facial: $75/70 min.
Service includes skin analysis, deep clean foaming face wash, along with a Gua Sha Energetic Lift & Sculpt facial massage to help drain puffiness and toxins, contour the face and help smooth lines and wrinkles. Included in our Therapy and Premium Memberships!

"The Mermaid" COMBO Anti-Aging Service:
Energetic Gua Sha Treatment PLUS Anti-Aging True Elements Marine Facial:
$150/120 min.
The ocean is our source of life. Seaweeds bathe in mineral-rich ocean water creating the richest mineral and vitamin sources in the plant kingdom with 10-20X higher concentrations than any land plant. Seaweeds are known around the world to reduce signs of aging. Perfect for all skin types, there are more reasons to love this combo skin care treatment - it will help restore your skin's elasticity, vibrancy, firmness and tone. 

Practitioner: Marlene Webb
For package deals visit Marli's website: vibrant-glow.com. For more information or for special appointment times call Marli at 404-358-0616.

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Package Deals (available directly though Vibrant-Glow.com):

Four Season's Facials: $320/Series of 4 90 minute seasonal facials (regular price $100/ea).
Just like nature, our skin changes with the rhythms of the season. Each 90 Minute Organic Facial is different and balanced especially for each season.

Gua Sha Energetic Lift and Sculpt - Four Week Rejuvenation Program: $279
Revive the youthful appearance of your facial contours with Gemstone Facial Massage Wands - using the techniques of one of the leading authorities of Advanced Clinical Gua Sha Facial Rejuvenation, Dr. Ping Zhang of the Nefeli Institute. The first treatment is a 90 minute session with full facial and Gua Sha treatment. The following 3 treatments are 60-minute Gua Sha sessions facilitated with Gemstone Facial Massage Wands.

Skin Care Product Lines:

Marlene also sells organic products.


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Cancellation Policy:

We ask that you advise us at least 24-hours in advance if you need to change or cancel the treatment we have held for you. Please be aware that we will charge the full amount of the service to your credit card in the event of cancellation without prior notification. New clients, please arrive early in order to fill out your paperwork and get started on time. We thank you in advance for your consideration to our practitioners and our other scheduled clients.