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Sonic Yogi™ Sound Massage

Sound Massage set up

Sound waves have been shown to alter brainwaves and lead to deep mental and physical relaxation. Sound Massage is a meditative and relaxing therapy that could be compared to a massage...but with sound. Frequency and vibration can affect the way we think and feel. In fact, our brainwaves and our thoughts themselves create frequency waves and are measured in “hertz”, just like sound waves.

Sound has the power to affect us not only emotionally, but also to affect our states of being, consciousness and our brainwaves. Most of the music we are exposed to is within an international standard for frequencies, but there are many other frequencies that we are not exposed to on a daily basis that can have a profound and beneficial impact on us both mentally and physically. Sound, used therapeutically, can help you to relax, de-stress, reconnect and feel great! Experience the healing power of sounds!

Learn more about Sound Massage for Anxiety and Stress by watching this video.

What happens in a Sonic Yogi™ Sound Massage session?

Sound massage takes place on a massage table and primarily uses the Tibetan singing bowls on the body, so you can also feel the vibrations passing the energy of the sounds into your body. The table vibrates with the music via vibrating speakers, so it is like being immersed in sound. Specifically tuned tuning forks are also used in addition to flutes, drums and more. You will not only hear the sound but feel it too.

How can Sound Massage help you?

Benefits include:

Practitioner: Sonic Yogi™ (Jon Adams)
Jonathan is now only offering group sessions by special request. Please email him directly.


Cancellation Policy:

We ask that you advise us at least 24-hours in advance if you need to change or cancel the treatment we have held for you. Please be aware that we will charge the full amount of the service to your credit card in the event of cancellation without prior notification. New clients, please arrive early in order to fill out your paperwork and get started on time. We thank you in advance for your consideration to our practitioners and our other scheduled clients.