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UPDATE for COVID-19: Following safety protocols, in-person appointments are now available. Visit our Before You Visit Page for full details. Classes will be still held online through the Zoom app or outdoors. Visit our Class Schedule to sign up.

Tai Chi & Qi Gong

Tai Chi 24 Forms and Tai Chi 108 forms will be held outside in the rear parking lot so there will be plenty of room to stay well spaced apart. Please sign up and pay online.

Tai Chi class

Tai Chi and Qi Gong are related ancient arts that can be used to develop one's life force energy for improved health and increased longevity. Tai Chi and Qi Gong develop mind/body awareness. These moving meditations increase strength from the inside out. Practitioners often notice improvements in postural, alignment or movement patterns which can decrease tension or injury.

Practitioners move with greater ease and efficiency, both mentally and physically. You can use the methods of Tai Chi and Qi Gong in your daily life to maintain your general health. Tai Chi and Qi Gong are known to foster calmness and tranquility as well as:

reduce blood pressure • improve immune function • improve oxygen utilization • increase bone density • increase knee/ankle strength/flexibility • and reduce levels of stress.

Tai Chi is famous for its beautiful, slow circular movements. Qi Gong offers the same benefits of Tai Chi without having to learn a particular sequence of movements. In Qi Gong, the movements are done individually rather than being linked together in a series. Qi Gong classes are suitable for persons of all physical conditions.

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"Taking Tai Chi with Jude Hasken has been an important part of my commitment to wellness. Learning the movements takes concentration and effort. Over these last nine months, it has helped me coordinate brain and body, strengthening my balance and improving my health." ~Richard Cohen

Private Tai Chi Sessions are now available with Jude!

To schedule a 60 minute session of 24 or 108 Forms Tai Chi, please contact Jude directly at 678-491-4876.
Private Tai Chi 60min: $75 / 3x60 minute package: $195 (save $10/lesson!)

Class Descriptions

Qi Gong - Streaming - This set of Primordial Qigong comes from Wudang Monastary in China. Primordial Qigong combines simple Movements with Breath and Intention to bolster our immune systems. By gently sinking energy into the Core it also alleviates stress, which resides mostly in the head, neck and shoulders. This beautiful set of 12 movements will bring Light and Qi into your entire energetic being. 45 minute class. Qi Gong classes are suitable for persons of all physical conditions. Taught by Jude Hasken.

Qi Gong Practice

Tai Chi–Yang Style 24 Forms Outside - In 1956 the Chinese government brought together a panel of Master Tai Chi teachers to synthesize many Tai Chi forms and agree on a version of classic moves that anyone can learn for great benefit. This "Simplified" 24 Forms is taught worldwide and here at Decatur Healing Arts. Taught in 8-week sessions. Taught by Jude Hasken.

Tai Chi–Yang Style 108 Forms Outside- This is the original Yang Family Style Long Form Tai Chi Chuan, comprised of 108 movements divided into three sections. Once learned, the Form takes around 20 minutes to perform in its entirety, giving the practitioner a good workout in a single Form. Yang Style 24 Forms (see above) is a prerequisite for this class. Tai Chi history and theories will also be discussed. This is an on-going class for experienced students. Taught by Jude Hasken.

Tai Chi Practice

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"I take Tai Chi @ Decatur Healing Arts through Kaiser and I have had several benefits, some of them I think were unintended. Besides feeling better and being more flexible, I have lost 10 lbs., I am stronger and I feel so much healthier.

Also, I am learning Tai Chi and this will help me for the rest of my life. I am a creative type person: I do photography, I write, I do videos. In the past I was mostly a writer. I have written over 20 two-act plays and many have been produced. But for the last few years I haven't written anything. I won't say I was blocked, but I didn't write. Then through Tai Chi and Qi Gong breathing exercises, I am writing again. Tai Chi has opened up my creative energies again. Thanks KP!" ~Stephen Peace