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Yoga Therapy

Yin YangAs the original mind-body science, yoga therapy empowers individuals to take healing into their own hands. It works best for those who are inspired to have a personal practice. At its heart, yoga therapy is the science of positive action as it teaches you to practice self-study (svadyaya), self-compassion (ahimsa) and to continue moving forward in your life (tapas).

What Happens In a Yoga Therapy Session?

In a yoga therapy session, you work together with the teacher to create a personalized sequence that helps balance your body, breath, mind, emotions and spirit. Sequences might include poses and movement, breath ratios and exercises, meditation or visualization, and are tailored to meet your goals, needs and belief systems.

The Initial session involves a detailed in-take to get to know you, your health history, and what your goals and desires are. You will explore poses and practices to access your condition. You will leave with more clarity about how to help your health and 3-4 practices to meet your most urgent concerns right away. During the 2nd session, Anh Chi will design and teach you sequence(s) that will serve as your self-care. From there, together you will fine-tune your practices as necessary so that you have a sustainable platform for self-care and renewal. As you progress or as your needs change, your sequences are adjusted in follow-up visits as you like.

How Can Yoga Therapy Help You?

Since yoga therapy works systematically to reduce stress, it is effective for conditions of both mind and body. It can also help manage and improve the quality of life for those with chronic illnesses. Anh Chi's specialty is helping students with back pain, pelvic pain and dysfunction, and anxiety.

According to a recent review of scientific studies on Healthline.com, yoga has been shown to:

Practitioners: Anh Chi Pham

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Initial Yoga Therapy Session, 90 min.: $108
Yoga Therapy Starter Package, 3-Sessions, 60 min. ea.: $255 ($85 ea)
This package is required before any follow-up sessions.
Follow-Up Sessions, 60 min.: $75 /5x60 min. package: $350

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“Your gentle approach has proven to be incredibly effective in relieving the nagging pain, as well as the muscle tension that accompanies fibromyalgia.”  ~Carol Wayne, Entrepreneur & Interior Designer, Newport Beach, CA

“Overall, your training sessions were extremely helpful and I am super glad that I did them. Feeling like you can do something about an old injury [from surgery] instead of suffering with it is perhaps the biggest benefit.” ~Laurie Mayorga, Construction Manager, Tustin, CA

“Anh Chi addresses my unique problems, from ankylosing spondylitis, with exercise and therapy. Not only does she vary each session to address the specific issues that I have at the time, but in-between times is taking courses, searching the internet, and studying to find new techniques and approaches to improve my health.” ~Paul Groner, Retired Electrical Engineer, Santa Ana, CA