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yoga class

Yoga is a system of integrated practices which are designed to help ward off or slow the aging processes of the body, mind and spirit and to keep the physical and mental faculties strong. Yoga has five major components: Proper exercise, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet, positive thinking and meditation. The purpose of yoga is to develop each of these five components to have a healthy body and mind.

Class Descriptions:

Alignment Yoga - Explore how deep and integrated alignment in your asana practice can lead to greater strength, freedom and flexibility. Learn how to set yourself up for a sustainable and fulfilling yoga practice by getting the fundamentals down and working up from there. You may be surprised by what you are capable of! Expect to sweat, smile, and experience deeper strength and more inner space! Beginners welcome. Drop-ins welcome. You may use your class card for this class. Taught by Stacy Lafley.

All Levels Yoga - In this evening class we will focus on de-stressing body and mind from the challenges of the day. Each class will begin with gentle warm-ups to release tension and prepare body for Vinyasa and deeper stretches. Then we will move into a strengthening flow of standing poses. Having burned off some energy, we will cool down with deep stretches. Finally we will finish with pranayama, savasana and a short guided meditation. This class will benefit absolute beginners and seasoned yoga practitioners alike. Drop-ins welcome. You may use your class card for this class. Taught by Vlad Kasperovich and Cheryl Burnette.

Gentle Flow Yoga - This is a slower, more gentle class using breath work, asanas, and meditation to strengthen and align the body; relax and de-stress the mind. Sequences are led in a meditative manner, interspersing movement with holding postures to generate strength and heat which encourage the body to release deep-seated tension. For all levels. Drop-ins welcome. You may use your class card for this class. Taught by Vladimir Tchakarov.

Gentle, Mindful Yoga - Physical exercise and breathing are used to calm, focus and clear the mind. There is a stronger emphasis on breathing technique than many other types of yoga. Proper breathing can help you relax, focus your mind, and increase your energy level. Poses are adapted for individual needs and movement is integrated with the breath. This class is appropriate for beginning as well as experienced students. Limit: 8 students. Taught by Barbara Nardi.

Iyengar Yoga Level I - In this class, students will practice standing poses, seated poses, twists and basic inversions. Students will learn how to align their bodies and find a harmonic balance between stability and flexibility. Demonstrations are provided, verbal instructions are given, and props are used as appropriate to help students safely experience the postures. As the body aligns, the mind becomes calm yet alert, bringing a sense of peace and holistic wellness. Modifications will be made for those with basic injuries or conditions. Expect to be uplifted! All levels welcome. Drop-ins welcome. You may use your class card for this class. Taught by Stephanie Foxman.

Hatha Yoga

Multi-Level Yoga - This 75-minute moderate yoga class is for anybody and everybody - all ages, body types, and fitness levels. Multi-level yoga will focus on the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga, and will be a steady balance between challenge and ease. There will be an emphasis on consciously following the breath throughout the practice to help students come fully into the present moment. Each student will work to strengthen, relax and heal his or her body and mind through a healthy combination of Pranayama (breathing) and Asana (postures). Drop-ins welcome. You may use your class card for this class. Taught by Bobbye Brown.

Noon Flow Yoga - This 75 minute asana focuses on poses that build strength and develop the core. In this asana practice, we emphasize how important the breath is and we will flow in Vinyasa including sun salutations, standing sequences, seated poses, inversions, twists, and backbends. This asana practice is suitable for a beginner or an experienced yogi. Drop-ins welcome. If you want to deepen your practice continue with After Noon Yoga - a continuation of this class that lasts another 75 minutes. This is a cash only donation class. Taught by Amy Scully.

Vinyasa Yoga - This class is a dynamic flow of breath-synchronized movements. The length of one inhale or one exhale dictates the length of time spent transitioning between asanas. In effect, attention is placed on the breath and the journey between the asanas rather than solely on achieving perfect body alignment in an asana. The steady cycle of inhales and exhales provides the practitioner with a calming, mental focal point, also creating internal heat, which leads to purification of the body through increased circulation and sweating. All levels welcome. Drop-ins welcome. You may use your class card for this class. Taught by Michael McCullers.

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"Coming from a tradition of Taekwondo, Michael has crafted a [yoga] routine that is challenging. He frequently demonstrates proper execution of poses, and has a flexibility that is envious. Michael encourages developing your own strength to work into poses with minimal props. Michael lets your work at your own pace while encouraging you to reach your maximum potential. I have participated in Michael's class for the past 4 years. The practice has strengthened my bones and overall physique, reduced stress, eliminated pain, and provided a calming effect that leaves me energized. My overall health has drastically improved and this keeps me coming back." ~Melissa

Multi-Level Yoga Class

Yin Yoga for All Levels - Yin Yoga targets and strengthens the joints and connective tissue and is suitable for all levels of students. We use gravity to deepen the stretch and hold poses for a longer period. This also allows time for the mind to relax more deeply. In addition, yin yoga helps to stimulate the flow of chi (energy) throughout the body. Taught by Cheryl Burnette.

Yoga, Chant and Meditation - Sound is a tool used in yoga to develop the breath, enhance memory and listening skills and focus the mind. We will use chant within our yoga poses - simple sounds, yoga sutras or Vedic chants to deepen our practice and concentration. Class will end with a short meditation practice using chant as the focus of meditation. This 60 minute class will relax, energize and revitalize your day. Drop-ins welcome - class limit is 8 people. Taught by Barbara Nardi.

Yoga for Stiff People - If you have ever said "I can never do yoga because I'm not flexible" then this is the class for you. Yoga for Stiff People is geared towards people who feel limited by stiffness and general achiness, and lack of flexibility. Yoga is universal! If you can breathe and have working muscles then you can do yoga, so we will spend time finding your yoga poses to bring the practice to your body. We will be using blocks, blankets, bolsters, and whatever else we can get our hands on to make the experience fun, challenging and mindful. The class will begin with finding a relaxed seat, followed by some movements and poses based on the area of focus that week. We will end with some restorative poses and lying down on our mats. Drop-ins welcome. You may use your class card for this class. Taught by Mamie Mabery and Shelley DuBois.

Therapeutic Yoga - This class begins with chair-based yoga with some standing and floor work (for those who are able to transfer), followed by 15 minutes of guided meditation.

Therapeutic, or adaptive yoga, welcomes adults with neurological or autoimmune disorders, arthritis, mental-health issues, brain injury, stroke, chronic pain, and other disabilities. Traditional yoga is adapted through the use of props, partial postures or movements, pranayama (breathing practice), and yoga-inspired body awareness exercises, so that students, regardless of ability, can receive the benefits of yoga. We practice in straight-back chairs, wheelchairs, standing with supports if required, or on the floor, depending on the needs of the students. The needs of the students determine the goals of each adaptive class. Taught by Bobbye Brown.

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"This is a slow-paced class, structured to accommodate participants who have various health restrictions, but I have benefited tremendously from learning proper breathing techniques and body awareness of my own strengths and limitations. This has helped me to tap into my body’s natural healing abilities, which I believe we all have. And once learned, these simple techniques can be incorporated into our daily lives.

Although I am fortunate to be very healthy for my 76 years, I have mild scoliosis in my back and was experiencing the onset of arthritis, especially in my shoulders and hands. I now have no discomfort in my back and shoulders and have improved mobility...Even though the class is low intensity and relaxing, I always leave feeling energized and thankful for the opportunity." ~Joan

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